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What We Do

  • Work with individuals and families with complex needs to prevent homelessness and assist in search for permanent housing.
  • Administers rent/energy bank program to prevent evictions and utility cutoffs
  • Processes LEAP applications for gas and hydro customers
  • Acts as a backup for the Salvation Army Emergency Bed program
  • Operate a housing registry to match landlords to tenants
  • Provides information relating to the Residential Tenancy Act (2007) to both landlords and tenants.
  • Acts as a resource to groups who are interested in working on solutions to homelessness
  • Acts as the representative at a County level to represent the Georgian Triangle's issues and needs relating to housing

The final decision in the rental of a unit is the responsibility of the landlord.

A Story From Bryan:

"As a result of a stroke 4 years ago I am disabled and have a power chair and an assist dog. I am 44 years old. I was renting a room in a friend’s sixth floor condominium because that was all I could afford when I was released from hospital. It was very crowded, especially after I got my assist dog. Then the elevator started breaking down leaving me trapped on the 6th floor. Then the property management company notified the owners that the elevator was going to be shut down for repair for a minimum of six weeks. I went to the Housing Resource Centre for help to find a place. I was afraid I was going to be homeless. The staff understood the seriousness of my situation. They found me a two bedroom accessible apartment that would give me room for all my equipment and arranged for a rent subsidy that means that I could afford the rent. It was going to be two weeks before the apartment was going to be ready so the Housing Resource Centre (Collingwood) arranged a suitable hotel room for me for that time. I cannot say enough about the Housing Resource Centre and the difference they have made in my life."