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2016 Executive Director’s Report

The Difference We Make is REMARKABLE!

It is often said that Non-profits are vital for our quality of life – socially, culturally, and collectively, the Housing Resource Centre is no different!

We deliver needed services through our assistance with the Low Energy Assistance Program, the Housing Retention Fund, the Ontario Electricity Support Program and the Rapid Re-Housing Program. In 2015, 1137 individuals and families remained housed or found housing they could keep through the services and support we provide.

We educate the public on vital housing issues and homelessness.

We find solutions and we help create opportunities by helping our clients navigate the social services system, and work with community partners to help them find housing they can keep.

We engage people in the community by providing educational and volunteer opportunities.

We provide a voice for the voiceless; speaking for those experiencing homelessness, or facing housing issues.

But most of all, we improve the overall quality of life for many in our communities!

We recognize that to truly impact homelessness and affordable housing issues, we need to continually expand our services, partnerships and resources. And, in 2015, we did so. In partnership with other Housing Resource Centres with in Simcoe County and with the County of Simcoe, a Rapid Re-Housing rent allowance program was initiated and implemented. This new program provided a rental allowance to help re-house individuals or families experiencing homelessness. Through the Rapid Re-Housing Program, supports included a rental allowance subsidy, paid directly to the landlord for up to nine months. I am proud to say that in 2015, through the Rapid Re-Housing Program,eighteen households have been supported, and continue to be supported in the program.  Of these eighteen, sixteen are families with children! Overall, a total of 52 people have been diverted from homelessness and or shelter care. 

As you can see, I’ve had the opportunity to see the difference that can be made when individuals, organizations and communities work together to address a need such as homelessness and affordable housing. And I look forward to forging new partnerships to reduce homelessness and housing issues in our community, because we believe safe, affordable and appropriate housing is one of the basic foundations for individuals and families to build stable and productive lives! We will continue to focus on ensuring that we are providing the best possible service to all those experiencing homelessness and other housing related issues. But I am mindful that none of this extraordinary work would be possible without the impressive support of our Board members, community partners, volunteers, donors, funders and our staff!

Thank you all… for making a remarkable difference in the lives of many!

Respectfully submitted

Lucy Gowers, Executive Director