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What is Homelessness?

Homelessness is the absence of a permanent affordable place to live. Since the early 1980's there has been an increasing number of individuals and families, in the wealthiest nations, who have no place of their own to call home.

Homelessness is a reality within the Georgian Triangle

Did you know?

  • About one-in-seven people in shelters across Canada are children. Homeless children suffer more from lack of education, infection, obesity, injuries and incomplete immunization.
  • 80% of Canada's homeless people are sleeping in temporary beds; couch surfing, church basements, welfare motels, abandoned buildings and vehicles.
  • Most homeless people don't live on the streets
  • When housing is de-stabilized, all aspects of life are affected, especially the spiral into poverty
  • A household should spend no more than 30% of their income on rent
  • An individual must earn $27,040 ($13/hr) to afford a $700 a month unit.
  • Minimum Wage is $11.00
  • Monthly Ontario Works for a single person is $626/mo.

Some Reasons why People are Homeless

  • Poor physical or mental health
  • Escaping an abusive relationship
  • Lack of employment or income
  • Shortage of affordable housing
  • Senior Citizen on fixed income