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FAQ - Landlord Questions


I have tenants who have been good tenants until two months ago when they fell behind in the rent. I hate to lose them because they have been with me for six years now and they do take care of the place but I need the rent money. What can I do?

Talk to the tenants about what has occurred in the last two months to cause the problem. Refer them to the Housing Support Service in your area. Qualified staff may be able to assist the tenants in resolving their problem. They may be eligible for financial assistance. The worker may also be able to mediate a resolution to avoid eviction.

How much notice do I have to give to raise the rent?

The landlord can raise the rent by the percentage set by the Landlord Tenant Board each year. Notice for an increase in rent must be done in writing 90 days ahead and should be on the official rental increase form provided by the Landlord Tenant Board's office. You may call the Landlord Tenant Board's office at 1-800-461-2882 for information regarding the rate for the current year and where you can get forms