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notting hill condos

Notting hill condos are very famous and can be considered for a living. But, before you shift living in a condo, you must know about the pros and the cons. A condo is basically a group of housing units owned by homeowners and has an individual unit in space. The land is common to all the homeowners.  Everything comes with pros and cons, now let’s get into the details.

Association Rules

The pro is that the HOA sets up rules to keep the society clean.  The Notting hill condos association takes care of the painting, paving, landscaping and everything else without affecting your time and budget. The con is that you will have to follow all these rules and when it comes to the rules of the HOA, you aren’t entitled to change anything, and you will have to follow them. If your HOA says no loud music after 11 p.m. You will have to follow that. Your role in the decision making may make you feel like a part-time job.

notting hill condo

The Notting hill condo community

The pro is the community allows you to participate in different events and socialize. This is actually a great opportunity to know your neighbors and make friends. This brings out a great sense of community. Also, there at Notting hill condos, there are many fun events that take place around the year quite beneficial for people living there.  The greatest con being there is a lack of privacy. There are many common areas in the notting hill condos, that lacks out privacy.

The yards

There is no responsibility on you to take care of the trimming and mowing. That is the perk of living in the Notting hill condos. You can enjoy the green space, without much responsibility. The pro is you can enjoy everything, even if it isn’t yours. You don’t even have to lift a finger to get any work done. The con is the yard isn’t yours like you can’t plant trees of your choice.

 notting hill condo

Maintenance of the Notting hill condos

The pro is you own everything but you still you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and painting. The association takes care of the gardens, painting and cleanliness and all that is in your budget. The only con is you have to depend on the worker’s time to get your stuff done.  And you will have to pay the HOA fees. If you want to do your own work in order to save some money, condos aren’t the right place for you. Also, you will have to wait for the worker to get your stuff repaired.

Missing the high-rise lifestyle

A lot of condos have elevators, but many don’t. If your Notting hill condo doesn’t have an elevator you will have to use elevators. Also, when you will have to use the stairs you will know the value to the elevators. Also, you will have to park your car in the parking lot that will make it difficult to bring in the groceries. There are many pros and cons of Notting hill condos you will have to judge carefully while checking into one.



You can invest in almost everything. And an investment comes in different shapes and sizes. They have the potential to grow over time and give you good returns. xo condos are a hybrid between a good house and apartment that a real-estate investor can afford. Now the question arises if the xo condos are good for investment?

Let’s go through the pros of buying a condo

xo condos


The xo condos are very affordable and buying them is way cheaper than other real-estate. They are cheaper than buying any other real-estate for a single-family home. You must consider the HOA and other cost of living based on your location, but so condos are extremely affordable and you will be spending less if you are investing in this property.

xo condo

Additional rental income 

Xo condos are considered to be a very good investment as they will be giving you additional income in the form of rents. You can easily rent out your condo and stay in profit. Like, if you have the condo at a beach, you will easily make a lot of money by renting it out as a holiday home. Even if you don’t own a condo in hot locations you can easily rent them out.

The maintenance of the xo condos won’t be your job

You have a lot of things to take care of, right, so maintenance won’t be your responsibility. You will have to leave your house in the hands of the HOA and they will be taking good care of your property. If you don’t want to deal with all the housework, buying a condo will be the best decision for you. People will be doing the work, you just have to sit and relax. A strong yes for you if you want to invest in a good condo.

Now, what else should you keep in your mind? 

Well, if you were planning to buy on a xo condo there are a few points that the investors want you to consider.

You will be having to pay the Homeowner Association’s Fees

As the homeowners will be providing you with facilities, you will have to pay a certain amount. The amount can range anything from $100 to $300 depending on the facilities they provide. The quality of the community is very important that is to be taken care of. With amenities, you will have a fee to pay. If you are planning to leave it as it is, then don’t go for it.

Some hot tips while buying and investing in an ox condo

  • Locations will be playing an important role.
  • Check out which locations are considered to be best for the rental properties.  Renting out condos in commercial space work good, they will be giving you a good return on investment.
  • Generation of rental income should be your main motto. Also, make sure that it is allowed in your city by the HOA. You must be aware of the HOA fees and there must be positive cash flow. You must strategize your rental flow properly.



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