We believe safe, affordable and appropriate housing is one of the basic foundations for individuals and families to build stable and productive lives! And, at the Housing Resource Centre, our vision is to provide adequate, appropriate and affordable housing for all Simcoe County residents!

The Housing Resource Centre provides a valuable service to residents in South Georgian Bay. We meet families and individuals on a daily basis that are struggling with the costs of housing, utilities and the basic necessities of life. In 2014, over 1300 people sought help through the Housing Resource Centre, of which 429 were children. In this uncertain economic time, the Housing Resource Centre counts on your support – now more than ever. Your support is extremely important to us, because it provides us with financial resources that make an immediate impact, and will allow us to continue to maintain the level of services that we offer. Please help. Log on to…


…And help us make an incredible difference in the lives of many!

We believe that homelessness will become a thing of the past, because we have the passion and determination to make it happen!

Thank you for your support of us and all we do!

We Need Your Help!

The Housing Resource Centre has helped hundreds of people, but we need your support to continue providing services that so many desperately need. Small donations from everyday people like you help families off the street and into a brighter future. If you can help us in the fight to end homelessness, please click here.