When it comes to comfortability level, then various products draw our attention. With every passing day’s competition is getting tougher in the mattress industry, and it confuses the buyer to choose the best product. So, to remove the confusion of the comfort lovers, the Hamuq mattress from Canada is one of the latest products. The company gives you a free trial to check the product’s comfortability and whether it’s suitable for you or not. This is a hybrid mattress that has foam and spring layers for maximum comfort.

hamuq mattress reviews

Hamuq mattress

This multipurpose mattress was launched in 2016 in Toronto, Ontario. This mattress is only available in Canada via the online process. However, the company is working very much ready to expand it in the U.S.A too. It is available in twin XL, double, queen, and king.

Why one should buy it?

This mattress is built with materials that support ease and calm. This mattress has a luxurious pillow and the comfort of the spring-foam mattress combination. The mattress company does offer free shipping and the provision for a full refund is also there if the customer is not satisfied. You can order this for delivery in six working days.

hamuq mattress reviews

The mattress is made with hybrid technology

Hamuq mattress is 12 inches tall and consists of three layers. The comfort layer is made of cooling gel foam which controls temperature and adds comfort. The other two layers are like a support to the mattress made up of cotton, polyester and felt. The spring used in the mattress is for the maximum comfort of the user or not? 


Now the question is whether it is environmental-friendly or not? Yes, the company is very much serious regarding the environment. The company uses waste material and transform it into bio-foam materials, with the use of soy oil. The company also involved in benevolent works as it donates returned mattresses to charitable trusts.

hamuq mattress reviews


Hamuq mattress is customer friendly and by giving a warranty period of 15 years they confirmed it. In this period you can check the reliability of the company and its product. You too can take a trial of the mattress and check its durability and comfortability. 

Words on behalf of the company

Hamuq mattress reviews an overall better mattress in all over Canada with a slightly higher price. The mattress offers a good combination of comfort and support with its three-layered hybrid system for the cooling effect to body heat and provides better sleep. It is a good starting option for those comfort lovers around Canada and very soon it is approaching U.S.A also. 

 Hence, after getting all requisite information about this mattress, no delay should be done to purchase this. Afterall, a good sleep deserves a good mattress and the coming day can be full of energy and vitality. After watching the attractive features and superb quality of the mattress, no delay should be done in taking it home and enjoy the best comfortability level in comparison to other mattresses.

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